Wednesday, March 16, 2016

And here I am , one year later.
Well as a status update, I am no longer in the same place. I have moved one rung lower.
I am sure that there must be others too, in a similar situation.
I had a conversation with this spiritual healer the other day, on some random website.
He kept emphasizing on the importance of meditation in life.
I have made many half baked attempts at a lot of things. But this is only habit that I really want to inculcate, for I have a noisy brain, a much too noisy brain.
I have promised myself that I will take only one step at a time. Baby steps that would eventually contribute to a paradigm shift in my life.
Only to enumerate my point,
I was going through data structures and algorithms the otherday and all of a sudden I came across Open Stack.
And in no time I was browsing through the website trying to make sense of it, data structures and algorithm long forgotten.

So new modus operandi: focus on only one thing at a time, if you lose focus , count till 10 and start over
One small step , all towards my ultimate goal.
If you are going through something similar,reach out to me. Sometimes two brains put to the same problem come up with better solutions together.
I will update soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I cannot believe that it's been over 3 years since I wrote this and sadly I'm still stuck in the same place.
On the path to redemption!!!
Bon Voyaje to me :D

Thursday, March 8, 2012

this is a dedication to my philosophy of life
self-reverence ,
self-control ,
these three things lead to success in life

i guess it's been almost six years of disservice to myself and with this post i plan to make a fresh start. i have done this before and failed miserably at it. but this time i plan to take it through to the end.
i hope my dedication would turn the tables for me

this is for those who like me feel that they have cheated themselves, be it in friendship,love or career.
to self redemption!
and welcome aboard!!